The Robot Jihad

Welcome to the latest episode of Against the Mountains of Madness! Hosts Jason and John C. Wright dive into the captivating and contentious topic of the Robot Jihad. With AI technology advancing at breakneck speed, they explore the intriguing question: will AI usher in a new era of prosperity or drive humanity into conflict? In this episode, Jason and John discuss the latest developments in artificial intelligence, including Meta’s Llama3 and its fascinating unfiltered responses when cleverly prompted. They share entertaining anecdotes about AI’s surprising behavior and ponder whether AI will become a benevolent force or a tool of manipulation by the powerful. The conversation ventures into the realm of science fiction, referencing classics like Dune and RoboCop, while contemplating the ethical and societal impacts of AI. Will we see a “robo pope” or AI-driven religious wars? How will AI shape our future, and what are the potential risks and rewards? Join us for a lively and humorous discussion that blends current events, sci-fi, and deep questions about technology’s role in our lives. Don’t miss this engaging episode that will leave you both entertained and pondering the future. For more content and conversation on these and other fascinating topics of philosophy, science fiction, and current events, visit our Substack at Tips, bribes, and generous patronage are warmly encouraged. Thank you!

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