Against the Mountains of Madness Space Princesses Unite! The Battle for Imaginative Storytelling

Space Princesses Unite! The Battle for Imaginative Storytelling

Welcome to this episode of Against the Mountains of Madness! Join your hosts Jason and John C. Wright as they dive into the world of “It Ain’t Gonna Happen” science fiction and explore the Mundane Science Fiction Movement that sought to curb imaginative storytelling. From the restrictive limitations imposed by mundane writers to the unapologetically imaginative “New Space Princess Movement,” they discuss the importance of ambitious storytelling that inspires and transports us beyond the everyday.

Discover how John C. Wright’s own Space Princess movement stands for the triumph of space operatic adventure, with half-clad royalty and heroic Earth men wielding flashing swords. They also delve into the distinction between hard SF and space fantasy, touching on classics like Star Wars, The Expanse, Harry Potter, and Star Trek. Whether it’s aspirational storytelling, technological optimism, or fighting for freedom against creative constraints, this episode covers it all.

Don’t miss this journey into creativity, imagination, and the heroic spirit of storytelling.

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