Against the Mountains of Madness The Problem of Piffle, 2×04

The Problem of Piffle, 2×04

In this episode of Against the Mountains of Madness, hosts Jason and John C. Wright discuss the problem of Piffle. They analyze why atheists should stand ready with some sort of answer to explain how a benevolent god can allow death and evil into the world. They also explore the comparison between the Christian worldview’s ability to address these problems, and the eight or nine equally grave challenges that atheism faces. To understand the reasons behind this problem, they delve deeper into the Christian worldview, exploring how it promotes reason and the divine order of the universe. They also touch upon the Greek philosophers’ belief in the orderliness of the cosmos and their lack of an origin story for why it is that way. Lastly, they delve into the metaphysical question of whether the universe is understandable or not, and the differences between the Indian and Chinese answers to this question.

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